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TB Teseco Bonifiche is an Italian cutting-edge company that uses science and technology to improve the sustainability of human activities and to protect the environment. 

TB deals with environmental engineering and surveys, process engineering and design of waste treatment plants, remediation of environmental matrices, brownfield reclamation, hydraulic protection and prevention plans. 


TB develops integrated solutions that incorporate innovative technologies designed to address complex contamination problems. We offer our clients a wide skill set and a complete array of environmental services covering air, soil and water.

Site Investigation

Site investigations are carried out using corers for vertical investigation in soils: characterization coring, piezometers, in situ treatment wells, monitoring wells.  TB technicians are trained to design and execute plans of site investigation in compliance with current environmental legislation. 

Reclamation of contaminated sites

TB technicians experience has been consolidated over thirty years in reclamation of strategic importance in Italy. TB designs specific solutions for environmental reclamation, aimed at the recovery of contaminated environmental matrices.


TB has developed an enhanced technique of remediation of soils contaminated by organic compounds which exploits the capacity of degradation of autochthonous microbial and fungal population. 

Waste treatment technologies

Successfully combining the latest mechanical and biological techniques in turnkey projects gives us a unique position in the market. Our facilities vary from sorting stations for industrial waste to complete installations for recovering reusable materials in combination with the use of biological processes.

Soil Washing

TB designs processes and build Soil Washing Treatment Plants for recovery of soils and sediments contaminated by heavy metals, straight chain hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons (BTEX, PAHs), organochlorine solvents, through a process of washing with water and addition of specific detergents


The treatment uses hydraulic binders and reagents (silicate, bentonite, phosphoric acid, sodium sulfide, organic thickeners, etc.) to trap the polluting compounds (heavy metals).
The goal of the S/S process is to limit the spread, via leaching, of inorganic contaminants.

Water treatment

The purification of liquid waste from industrial activities and treatment "on site" of polluted groundwater is a process used to remove contaminants from wastewater or sewage and convert it into an effluent that can be returned to the water cycle with minimum impact on the environment, or directly reused. 


We have designed, planned and carried out specific projects regarding the decommissioning, remediation and demolition of disused industrial, chemical and petrochemical plants for many companies operating throughout the national territory


Capping involves placing a cover in HDPE over contaminated material such as landfill, waste or contaminated soil.

Sediments treatment

TB designs and manufactures plants for the treatment of contaminated sediments from dredging, aimed at the recovery of materials such as beach nourishment or techno-soils to be used for environmental restoration and capping of landfills.

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